What is Over/Under Betting?

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What is Over/Under Betting? Totals Sports Betting Explained, Examples & Tips

Apart from perhaps the moneyline , over/under betting, or totals betting, is one of the easiest ways to place a wager on your favourite sports. Discover everything you need to know about over/under betting and how to make winning selections when betting totals at Stake's leading online sportsbook .

What is Over/Under Betting?

Sometimes called totals betting, over/under betting is a wager on the specific number of goals or points scored in a sports match - usually this will be the total combined score of both teams. The sportsbook sets the line, and sports bettors are invited to bet on whether more or fewer goals/points will be scored in a match – it’s as simple as that.

How Does Over/Under Betting Work?

Over/under sports betting is a great option if you don’t know which team you think will win. After all, it doesn’t matter which teams score the points or goals; the only thing that matter is the total number of points on the scoresheet at the end of the match.

At the start of each match, the sportsbook will determine the totals line depending on the teams playing. You can then decide whether to bet over or under the line in accordance with your pre-match predictions on upcoming games .

This differs from a prop bet (proposition bet) , or player props, where bets are placed on parts of a game or sporting event, that does not have to do with the final outcome of the match.

How to Bet the Over/Under?

Betting the over/under is straightforward, as with all betting markets. When betting on totals, look at the line set for the fixture in question and decide whether you think more or fewer goals/points will be scored. You can then decide how much to bet and calculate how much you can win from your selection.

Over/Under Betting Examples

Let’s take a look at how betting on totals works in practice. Let’s say you want to place a soccer bet on a Premier League fixture between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur, and the total line set for this fixture is 2.5. Let’s say you bet the under.

If the game finishes 1-1, two goals have been scored in total, under the 2.5 line set. As a result, you win your bet. However, if the match finishes 2-1 in favour of Newcastle, your under bet will lose because a total of three goals have been scored.

This is how over/under betting works in practice, and it's important to understand how the payout odds work. It is a simple way of betting on all major sports, whether you bet on college football , NFL , college basketball (NCAA) , NBA , boxing , tennis , baseball , or ice hockey .

How are Over/Under Betting Odds Calculated?

We consider various things when calculating over/under odds. Each team's recent goal/point-scoring exploits influence total odds, form, and injuries. We also look at historical head-to-heads to determine how to set the totals line for a particular fixture.

What if the Over/Under is an Exact or Whole Number?

In some sports, you might see the over/under given as a whole number. Let’s stick with our football example to show you how it works.

If the totals line for Manchester City v Manchester United is four and the match ends 2-2, the result is a push bet. In other words, your initial wager will be returned.

To avoid push bets, it’s common to see totals given in decimals, so 3.5 or 4.5. This is because it’s impossible (in most major sports) to score half points, taking push bets out of the equation.

Find out more about Asian totals and using decimal points in totals lines as a betting option.

Do Over/Under Bets Include Overtime?

Some over/under bets include overtime, but others don’t. If a totals bet does have extra time or overtime, it will specifically say so. It’s always a good idea to double-check the terms of any bet before placing it so you know what to expect.

Over/Under vs Point Spread Betting

Totals bets and point spreads aren’t the same thing. While an over/under bet is concerned with the total number of goals or points scored, a point spread bet is based on the outcome of a fixture. Let’s look at an NFL point spread bet as an example.

Let’s say you pick the Green Bay Packers (-7) to beat the New York Giants. The (-7) in the spread indicates the handicap that the Packers must overcome for your bet to succeed. Therefore, two things must happen for your point spread bet to win:

  • The Packers must win

  • The Packers must overcome a –7 point handicap and have a winning margin of eight

In contrast, the margin of victory or winning team is not considered in an NFL totals bet. The only thing that matters is how many points, in total, are scored by both teams in the football game.

How Do You Win at Over/Under Betting? Totals Betting Strategies

As with all types of bets, developing a totals betting strategy can help you win more often than you lose. Here are some tips to help you get started with over/under betting at Stake.com:

  • If you’re new to sports betting, use our handy sports betting guide to help you learn about sports betting in general.

  • Always look at the individual team’s current form before placing a totals bet. If they’re both struggling to score points or goals, it indicates that the under is the better value bet.

  • Consider the weather conditions for outdoor sports (such as football games), or the stadium/venue environment for indoor sports (such as basketball games ), as this can have a major impact on the state of play of the match, and also result in an odds shift for that particular game.

  • You can place totals bets once the action has already started in the form of live bets. This is a good option if you’re unsure of how things will go ahead of time. Learn the differences between live and pre-match betting here.

  • Always check your account for the latest promotions and bonuses to add value to your betting slip at Stake.com. While you're at it, find out about our VIP Club to discover exclusive rewards , FAQs about our program and the benefits of having a VIP Host .

Over/Under Betting Odds & Payouts

Stake.com is home to the best over/under betting odds. You can set the odds to reflect your preferences, seeing them in the American (+300), decimal (+3.0), or fractional (3/1) format.

As a leading online sportsbook, we process withdrawals instantly, meaning that you don’t have to wait too long to get your hands on your winnings.

How to Deposit & Withdraw Funds to Bet on Sports

Easily deposit crypto units or your local currency into your account in order to place totals bets and other sports wagers by following the steps listed below:

  1. Step 1 - Retrieve your deposit address, located in Wallet > Deposit.

  2. Step 2 - Choose the method that suits your needs. Stake.com supports multiple currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (Doge), Litecoin (LTC), and others.

  3. Step 3 - Use your deposit address as the ‘send to’ location for your crypto wallet or exchange.

  4. Step 4 (Optional) - If you wish to make a deposit via fiat currency, you can buy crypto for Stake via Moonpay or deposit into your wallet with the available payment methods associated with your currency .

Stake.com offers live support to players via our customer support staff for help with issues regarding sports betting and depositing and withdrawing units.

Moonpay supports multiple payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others, to buy cryptocurrency to place totals and other sports wagers. For a full list of supported payment methods, please refer to the Moonpay documentation .

Final Things to Consider: Sports Betting Rules, Regulations & Security

If you’re ready to place over/under wagers at Stake's online betting site, take your time to check out the upcoming sporting events you can bet on and keep up to date with the latest Stake news to inform your selections.

We pride ourselves on offering the tools and information to help you be Stake Safe . Learn more tips when betting online with our responsible gambling guide . You can also store your crypto funds safely and securely using our Stake vault feature .

For more information on how to bet at Stake.com, please refer to our full terms and conditions .