Alexa Grasso

The Women's Flyweight Champion

Incredible Rise

Fighting out of Guadalajara, Mexico, Alexa Grasso has achieved her goal by climbing the mountain to become the UFC Women's Flyweight Champion of the World. She's done it displaying incredible talent, a friendly disposition and immaculate professionalism. We couldn't be prouder to see her reach the pinnacle of her sport.

Stunning Takedown

Following victory over Viviane Araujo, she got her shot at the title at UFC 285 in March 2023, and she grasped the opportunity with both hands. She grew into the fight in the early exchanges before a stunning takedown, followed by a brutal rear-naked choke hold, had one of the all time greats in Valentina Shevchenko tapping out in the fourth round.

The rematch took place at Noche UFC in September 2023 and resulted in an equally memorable match that ebbed and flowed throughout the five rounds. Ultimately, the judges couldn't split the two fighters and Alexa retained the title via a draw. We eagerly anticipate Alexa's next epic title defence.

Alexa Grasso
Alexa Grasso

Hugely Proud

Alexa Grasso has now achieved greatness; she took out a lot of top contenders along her way and she has always performed, regardless of the odds or challenges. She has proven fight fans wrong countless times, and now has the UFC belt to show for it. Her victory over Shevchenko and subsequent title defence will live long in the memory and we are hugely proud of her.

What can fans expect?

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“I want to evolve, every fight I want to show that I’m better”

- Alexa Grasso