Floorball Betting Odds and Sports Betting Tips

Floorball is a form of indoor hockey that was first developed in Sweden in the late 1960s. Each game plays out over three 20-minute periods, and they can be high-scoring affairs, with IBF Falun winning the 2014 Champions Cup 12-0.

With fast action and the growing popularity of the sport beyond Scandinavian countries, sports bettors have begun taking an interest in betting on floorball matches around the globe. You can now enjoy floorball betting at Stake online sportsbook , selecting from several popular betting markets.

Learn more about the the sport of floorball and discover the betting events, odds and markets available for this thrilling sport.

Floorball Leagues and Tournaments

It might not be as popular as soccer or cricket, but floorball is certainly gaining notoriety. Five players and a goalkeeper on each team use sticks and a plastic ball with holes in – slightly less dangerous than traditional field or ice hockey.

Governed by the International Floorball Federation (IFF), which has 75 member countries, there are several significant tournaments to look out for, spread across the calendar year to give you many floorball betting opportunities. The better-known tournaments include:

Look out, too, for hotly-contested domestic league action, including:

How to Bet on Floorball and Floorball Bet Types

To bet on floorball, first you must create your account and deposit at Stake, but this is fast and easy, thanks to the crypto deposit process. Because it’s not one of the more popular global sports, the number of floorball betting markets you can get involved in is smaller than usual. But you can still place futures bets and live bet son a number of floorball matches.

Here are the common types of betting options at Stake:

Outright winner

For the key tournaments and leagues listed above, you can make your prediction about who you think will win with an outright wager . Fancy Storvreta IBK to win the Swedish league? Seek out the current odds and make your prediction on the match outcome.


If you wish to place a bet on an individual game, you can place a 1x2 bet. 1 represents a bet on the home team, x is a draw bet, and 2 is a bet on the away team.

This is a simple way to enjoy floorball betting because you only have to predict the result, not an exact score.


In an over/under bet , goals scored in a game are often covered by a totals market, a prediction of the total number of goals you think will be scored.

But since there are often many goals in a game, this market won’t offer much value. Instead, you will likely find an over-under market, where Stake sets a line, and you must predict whether more or fewer goals will be scored in total.

Live betting

Live betting is a fun way to enjoy your betting experience since you get to bet on the action as you see it playing out on the court.

Floorball Betting Tips and Strategies

Unless you’re an expert in the sport, it will pay to read up on the game and follow the latest news before placing a bet. Keep up with our elite sporting tips online and read on to find out some of our top betting tips.

Although the odds offered at Stake are a good indicator of the expected outcome of a match or a tournament, there is often value to be found if you know what you’re looking for. Here are just a few key things to observe:

  • Follow the form – While teams like IBF Falun have a packed trophy cabinet and will always be backed heavily to win, every side has a bad patch. You might discover they have hit a poor run of form and decide the odds for one of their rivals represent good value. Similarly, a lowly team from the Czech Republic with poor recent results will not be expected to set the Champions Cup on fire.

  • Watch for injuries and removals – As with every other team sport; injuries can play a big part in a side’s performance. If a team’s key goalscorer is injured, can they be expected to find the back of the net as much as usual? Players might also get bans for totting up too much aggression or foul play. Only by checking on recent floorball news will you know about these events.

  • Keep a note of bogey teams – Most sports teams have a bogey team, a rival against whom they generally perform sub-optimally. This can also happen in floorball, so research to see if an upcoming fixture matches a team that often slips up against its opponent. The odds might not reflect this anomaly so you could find some decent value here.

  • Understand the rules – Even though the rules of a floorball game are straightforward, understand each tournament’s format before placing any bets. You don’t want to back a club or a country without understanding what they must face before lifting the trophy.

Live Betting on Floorball

If you’re unsure about floorball because you have not seen it on TV, look out for the live-streaming action.

When tournaments are streamed live, there’s a good chance that Stake will be offering live betting markets. Here, the odds change second by second as a game plays out. You can take advantage of these shifting odds by placing a live bet.

Live markets are a fun way to conduct floorball betting, especially if you enjoy watching something different from the usual TV sport. If you don’t have a favourite team, you can still cheer on the action when you have a bet on the go.

Floorball Betting Odds and Payouts

You can find a choice of odds formats for floorball betting. For example, most customers at Stake.com will use the decimal format, presented as 4.00. Others prefer the fraction format; in this example, it would be 3/1. Popular in the US is the American moneyline format, which would be 300.

Stake customers can select which odds format they want to use.

When it comes to payouts, these are super-fast at Stake thanks to the simple crypto deposit and withdrawal process. Should you put together a few wins, why not take out some of your winnings and celebrate?

Why Bet on Floorball at Stake.com?

According to the International Floorball Federation, the number of players enjoying floorball continues to rise. This can only mean more exposure for the bigger domestic leagues and international tournaments.

When sports become more popular, they attract interest from sports bettors keen to place wagers on the action. You can already do this on Stake.com, where floorball betting is increasingly available.

If you wish to place a bet on the big domestic leagues of the latest Champions Cup, we’ve got you covered. And thanks to our fast crypto deposit process, you’ll be getting to the action in no time. With an excellent customer support team and a range of fun sports betting promotions , you'll be guaranteed the ultimate sports betting experience online.

Interesting Bonus Facts About Floorball Betting

Did you know? As floorball gains popularity, four NHL (ice hockey) teams have incorporated the sport into their community outreach programs.

And like field hockey , floorball players are not allowed to jump and hit the ball at the same time. They must also not physically tackle or push another player.