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Water Polo Betting Odds and Water Polo Betting Markets Online

Water polo is an exhilarating game that is played domestically in different parts of the world, as well as in international competitions and national leagues. Sports betters can bet on water polo events in real time or back their favourite teams in upcoming water polo tournaments.

If you’ve ever watched or participated in a water polo game, you will know that it’s a physically demanding, fast-paced sport requiring high degrees of skill and impressive fitness levels to master.

Although perhaps not as high profile as many other mainstream sports enjoyed in Europe and North America, water polo is still popular, with audiences drawn to the World League and World Championships and several domestic events.

Stake sportsbook is the perfect online betting site to get involved in water polo betting, with a host of markets and high-profile leagues covered.

Discover the different ways you can bet on water polo and how to profit from betting on this intriguing sport.

Water Polo Leagues and Tournaments

If you’re keen to tune into water polo, you can enjoy the action from several prominent international tournaments and leagues, including:

  • Summer Olympics: Water polo has been a mainstay at the Olympic games since 1900, and you can enjoy men’s and women’s matches throughout the games.

  • Water Polo World Championship: Since 1973, a Water Polo World Championship has been held every 2-4 years, bringing together the best international teams worldwide. The tournament is arranged by FINA.

  • European Water Polo Championship: As the name suggests, the European Water Polo Championship the popular European league, exclusively for competitors based in Europe.

  • Domestic leagues: Water polo is played competitively in lots of leagues in Europe, with the likes of Croatia, Greece, Italy, Russia, and Serbia all hosting high-profile leagues.

  • LEN Euroleague: The LEN Euroleague is the Champions League of water polo and is contested by the champions of the domestic leagues across Europe.

Whether you’re keen to bet on water polo domestically or internationally, you have several options to consider, and there are lots of leagues to tune into. But what about the different types of bets that you can place when watching water polo?

How to Bet on Water Polo and Types of Water Polo Bets

When it comes to water polo betting, you can place several different bet types, ranging from basic types of bets like winning margin bets for specific fixtures to futures bets on a major league or tournament. So, your betting options for water polo include the following:

Winning margin

A winning margin water polo bet is a wager that you place on the difference in goals between the winning and losing team. Goals scored in a water polo match are worth one point, so bear this in mind if you’re planning to place a winning margin bet.

Goals total

Water polo matches are typically high-scoring affairs, with 10-20 points usually scored in each game.

So, if you have a good feeling about how many goals you think will be scored in a specific water polo match, you can place an over/under bet on the total number of goals, meaning that you don’t have to worry about picking a winning team.


A 1x2 bet is as simple as they come and is a popular wager on water polo. 1 refers to a bet on the home team, x is a bet on the draw, and 2 is a bet on the away team. 1x2 bets are common in domestic leagues but aren’t typically available during international knockout tournaments, as the games can’t end in a tie.

Futures bets

If you’re keen to look past the current game week when betting on water polo, a futures bet is a great way to go about it.

In a futures bet, you can place a wager on the team that you think will win a tournament outright before the action gets underway. This is a great way to access good value odds, as you can lock in a team’s pre-tournament price before their odds change.

Water Polo Betting Tips and Strategies for Success

Water polo betting is similar to betting on any other type of sport, and the key thing is to develop a strategy that you can stick to throughout the season.

Here are some tips that you can use to inform your water polo betting strategy, to ensure that you stand a good chance of making a profit:

  • Understand how the game works: If you’re not used to water polo, it’s a good idea to watch some live matches before placing your bets. There are specific rules in regard to possession fouls and penalties that you need to be aware of, and they can all influence the final score of a fixture.

  • Research form and statistics: Looking into a team’s form and statistics during regular season games before backing them in a bet is a no-brainer, as it ensures that you’re more likely to pick a winner. Making a blind bet without doing your research isn’t smart in any sport, and water polo is no different.

  • Know the format: Some water polo tournaments and leagues follow different formats, and there are knockout events and round-robin tournaments. Therefore, you need to know the format of the game that you’re betting on so that you can place the most appropriate bet.

  • Consider injuries: Be sure to run a quick check through a team’s current injury list to ensure their chances aren’t impaired because their most valuable player is missing for the game in question.

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Live Betting Options for Water Polo

While there are lots of water polo betting options to consider before the action starts, you can also place several live bets on water polo after the first whistle.

You can bet on markets like first or next goal scorer, next team to score, and the number of penalties won or conceded. You can also place bets on each quarter, splitting the match into separate phases.

Ultimately, if you’re watching the action unfold, you can place various live bets on water polo at Stake.com to make things more interesting as you enjoy the match.

Water Polo Betting Odds and Payouts for Water Polo Bets

Water polo odds are represented in the fractional (3/1), decimal (3.00) or American format (+300). You can decide which way you want to see the odds in your account, but they all represent the same figure.

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Why Bet on Water Polo on Stake.com?

Our platform is the perfect way to progress your water polo betting, with all major leagues and tournaments offered, as well as several markets to make it easy for you to find value in your betting slip.

Getting started is easy, and as soon as you have created an account and deposited crypto units, you can place bets on water polo and other sports this season.